Meets The Parents

The Gentlemen - Golden Retrievers

"LOVE DOC" is an AKC, ENGLISH BRED Golden Retriever. OFA prelim GOOD. "Doc" is a gorgeous boy with a great personality! He is a son of Penny!

Satara AKC reg. English/American Golden Retriever. Hips/elbows normal. Extremely sweet and lovable. 65 lbs.r sire.

"KONA" 65 lbs AKC Golden Retriever. X-rayed clear of hip/elbow dysplasia. Super sweet personality! Luv Doc is her sire.

"DOLLY" AKC register White English Golden 55 lbs, Hips/elbows pre-lim good

"HOLLY BEAR" AKC reg. Very small Golden Retriever 38 lbs. Hips/elbows pre-lim good

"ZIVA" AKC, OFA certified larger English/American bred Golden. 80 lbs.

AKC registered medium sized English Golden Retriever, OFA certified. Lolly is very passive and calm. Lolly weighs about 55 lbs.

AKC registered small Golden Retreiver, 45 lbs. X-rayed free of hip dysplasia. Laizy would love to be a lap dog!

Laurel Ridge's Sweet Girl" AKC, OFA cert. red female. Weigh 65 lbs.

"Laurel Ridge Polar Bear" is a white English Golden, AKC reg. OFA certified hips and elbows. 68 lbs.

"Donna" is a 2 year old English Golden Retriever. AKC, OFA Certified. She is almost 70 lbs. She is a full sister to "Luv Doc." She loves water but doesn't like to swim!

Crazy Maizy is Outlaw's daughter. She is AKC Reg and OFA certfied. She is extremely sweet and loves the water. She weighs about 65 lbs.

Fiona is a 2 year old Golden retriever. She is extremely small weighing only 40 lbs. She is AKC and OFA certified. She is Penny's daughter. She is extremely sweet and affectionate.

AKC registerd large Golden Retriever, OFA certified Ziva is very intelligent and lovable. Ziva weighs 70 lbs.

"Shaggy" is our Moyen AKC Registered white sire. He weighs about 40 lbs. We have owned 4 generation of Poodles behind him. He is almost 9 years old now in the picture below and is extremely healthy. He is very athletic yet very calm natured. He is OFA certified free of hip dysplasia.

Jacob is a buff AKC Moyen sized Poodle who weighs 40 lbs. He is X-rayed clear of hip and elbow dysplasia. He is a very sweet, mellow Poodle. He throws wavy to curly coated puppies that are buff and red in color. We have owned 4 generations of Poodles behind him!

Rebel is a 18 month old Standard Red Poodle. He is X-rayed clear of hip dysplasia. He is super sweet and outgoing!!

"Laska" is an AKC, OFA Certified white male small standard (large Moyen). He weighs 50 lbs. He is a full brother to "Shaggy"

"Laurel Ridge's Kendall", Mini/Moyen AKC Poodle. Extremely sweet and outgoing! 24 lbs. OFA certified free of hip dysplasia.

"KHLOE" is an AKC reg. mini Poodle who weighs 15 lbs. She is a Cowboy daughter!

AKC registered Moyen sized. 26 lbs , X-rayed free of hip dysplasia Bella is an extremely sweet, laid back girl.