As a breeder of Cockapoos at for almost 18 years, I have had many families inquire about wanting a larger dog. After lots of research we have decided to broaden our breeding program to include Goldendoodles, a cross between a Golden Retriever and Miniature or Standard Poodle. We have had great experience with the temperament and health of the Cockapoo and we feel the Goldendoodle should have similar features and characteristics.

Our girls leash training Doodle puppies!!!

I honestly believe that temperament is at least 50% hereditary, so having parent dogs with excellent temperaments is a must. The parent dogs are all extremely calm, great with children and easy to train. The Goldendoodle will also be either hypoallergenic or have low allergen potential for families with allergies or asthma.

Pictured above is our entire family of 5 daughters along with a litter of 9 Doodle puppies!!! All of our puppies are well socialized with lots of children throughout their time with us!

Pictured above are two of our daughters with two typical 7 week old Goldendoodle puppies.

Dancer is a white male Standard Poodle. He is Champion sired and is a pointed, retired show dog. He is extremely calm and very intelligent. He is also extremely gentle with kids! He weighs 68 lbs. Dancer is now retired as a sire. He is the sire to Yogi Bear, an upcoming white Standard Poodle sire and the Grandsire to Teddy Bear, another sire for our Doodles.

Pictured above is our baby with our one year old Doodle, Ella!! Doodles are extremely gentle and good with kids!!

All of the parent dogs have been evaluated for hip dysplasia and certified through OFA if of age. The parent dogs have also had their eyes and hearts evaluated and found to be free of disease. Also the parents are all AKC registered within their own breed.

Please feel free to email us with any additional questions!!!

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